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Sorceress Zeal

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Strenght for gear (shouldnt be much, see Equipment)
Dex: For gear too (To reach 136 dex for PB)
Vita: Rest of our stat points
Energy: none.

20 light mastery (Big dmg boost for our Zeal)
20 fire mastery (Chant synergy)
20 Warmth (Chant Synergy)
20 Enchant* (Fire damage boost)
1 Teleport (movement)
x Telekinesis (buff energy shield around 10 points would be nice)
1 Static field (nice vs end bosses)
1 Shiver armor (always nice to have)
1 Cold mastery
1 Glacial Spike (Freezes non immune monsters)
1 Thunder Storm
xx Energy Shield (rest of points here)

Act 2 is kinda a must, its the strongest of them all and you will get needed aura’s from him.
Merc type should be either Holy Freeze or Blessed Aim (Holy Freeze is better though), might is possible too, but your physical damage will be poor anyway.