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Sorceress Bear

Item Stats

Helm:Dream Diadem/BoneVisage
Body Armor:Fortitude Archon/Dusk/WireFleece 15ed
Belt:String of Ears 8ll 15dr
Gloves:Laying of Hands
Boots:Gore Rider 200ed
Weapon:Grisworld Caduceus 4x shael
Shield:Dream Troll Nest/Dragon Shield
Amulet:Highlord’s Wrath
Rings:Raven Frost 20Dex 240+Ar & Ar/Life Leech adds Ring
Weapon (Switch):Beast Double Axe + Lidless Wall
Torch/Anni:Sorceress Torch 16-19/16-19 & Anni 16-19/16-19/7-10
Merc Act2 Defensive:Eth Infinity Cv/Ca/Thresher
Eth Fortitude 3000+def
Eth Andariel’s Visage
Inventory Charms:4x Light Skillers 30+ Life grand charm
2x 20life 10-11 single res small charm
3x 5fhr 5all res small charm

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Here is an example of what Bear Sorc is capable of !